Transforming Sponsorship Management: A Case Study of ActionAid Vietnam

ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) set out to revitalize its sponsorship management by creating and implementing a state-of-the-art Sponsorship Management System (SMS). Developed with Futurify, the project has been successfully executed, demonstrating AAV’s commitment to operational excellence and community support.

The solution

The success of the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) is attributed to its technical robustness and user-friendly design, utilizing the dependable ASP.NET framework and featuring a bilingual interface, which enhances accessibility for a diverse user base and accelerates the learning curve for AAV staff, ultimately boosting productivity. The seamless integration of the SMS with AAV's existing systems played a crucial role in its success, facilitating ongoing operations during implementation and fostering a unified approach to data management. The project's triumph over challenges highlights the effectiveness of proactive risk management strategies, including comprehensive training and robust testing, ensuring a smooth rollout and high adoption rates for the system.

Our technologies
The result

The Sponsorship Management System (SMS) has profoundly transformed AAV, bringing about improvements in various domains. With superior tracking capabilities, the SMS revolutionized AAV's sponsorship management, ensuring effective monitoring of sponsor contributions and boosting satisfaction and retention. The goal-driven fundraising tools provided by the SMS empower AAV to set and achieve specific targets, fostering dynamic and successful fundraising strategies. Integration with secure online payment systems has simplified sponsorship contributions, expanding AAV's donor base and enhancing trust globally. The comprehensive reporting functionality of the SMS stands out as a significant achievement, offering data-driven insights crucial for informing AAV's strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of community initiatives.