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At Futurify, we help to turn your idea into a scalable software that serves millions of users at a lower cost.


Our Clients

Since 2012, we have worked with many startups and SMEs to turn their ideas into software products. We took their idea, build out all technical requirements, provide UI designs, implement and go live. That seems a bit like thousands of other outsourcing companies

RV on Land

"Futurify has been a phenomenal partner and very responsive to our needs. It’s been a highly rewarding journey—growing together, scaling, and figuring out how to provide the best RV sharing platform."

William Thompson, Co-founder of RVezy




Custom Marketplace & eCommerce

When we started working with RVezy, they had a booking system in place, but it was not working too well for them. They need it to be more automated and better tested so that the founders have more time growing the business, instead of testing features and sending email reminders. We rebuilt the new system from scratch within four months. They grew 10 times within the following year. We are still working with them daily to build out new features for their system.

Core technologies: ASP.NET Core, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Micro-service architecture.

Your existing ecommerce/marketplace platform does not scale with your growth?


In 2015, Action Aid Vietnam was looking for a custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to help them plan their yearly organization KPIs for budgets, goals, and activities. This annual plan is accessible to all members across the country so that they can record and track the day-to-day performance of their branch. Before, the members had to submit their reports in Excel format to their supervisors. The supervisors collect and merge these reports into one, then send to the higher level. Now, everything is automated, and the data can be reported and tracked in real-time.

Core technologies: ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Kotlin, Swift


Your internal process is manual and needs to be automated?



VietCredit, a finance company in Vietnam, needs to build a new website, a native iOS and Android app that would be interfaces for their backend complex finance system; so that their users can apply for loans and access financial info easily. We did just that and helped them launch successfully. They continue to work with us until today to adding more features and building out new capabilities for their platform.

Core technologies: ASP.NET Core, AngularJS, Swift, Kotlin.

You have a new idea for a web-based and mobile app?

"Futurify has a young dynamic and creative team with expertise. Futurify assisted ActionAid Vietnam realize our commitments in improving the entire planning, budgeting and financial performance effectiveness through on – line software that is reliable and prompt."




We use Agile Methodology in our development process to develop any web and mobile applications for our customers. However, our approach is a bit more aggressive. We use ONE WEEK SPRINT  instead of the typical two to four weeks sprint because we want to get early feedback from our customers. So that we know we build the right thing as our customers expecting. 


We start with a list of all the features that our customers want. Then every week, we do the following.


Every Monday, each team which consists of a Project Manager, a Technical Lead, developers and testers have a SPRINT PLANNING MEETING. They will review last week works and the current backlog (new features) to decide on this week todos.


Once everyone knows the expectation of each of their task and the corresponding time estimation. Developers and testers can start the development and test plan accordingly. 


For every feature, our developers must write unit-tests first before writing any codes (this is called Test Driven Development) so that they can test as they implement. At the same time, testers write test plans to test various features together, to check for errors when these features are integrated. 


Once completing the implementation, the developers submit for reviews, then move on to develop the next feature. When testers approve, the customers would be notified to try out the new features.

Our goal is to make sure the team can focus on developing the right features; our customers get informed of the progress and try out new features as soon as possible. We all want to build a successful product that creates values for users.


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We are a growing company where we all learn and grow together. We get to work on many cool projects that use the latest technology such as cloud services (AWS, Azure and Google cloud), Augmented Reality, machine learning; or building apps that change organizations and touch many farmers' life to improve their living standard.


We have no boundaries in our office. Everyone sits together in an open space. We celebrate each other's birthday. We organize a yearly company retreat so that everyone can have fun with each other. 

We are goal oriented, and we measure our efficiency using various tools to help us improve ourselves every day.


We are in Ottawa, Canada and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. So if you are in town, we would love to meet in person.