The largest and safest RV rental marketplace in North America

RVezy is a Canadian RV rental marketplace that connects RV owners with renters. RV owners can list their RVs on the platform and renters can easily browse and book RVs for their next trip. RVezy offers insurance and 24/7 support for renters and owners. With a wide range of RV models available, renters can easily find the RV that fits their needs and budget. RVezy is a peer-to-peer platform that allows RV owners to rent out their vehicles when not in use and renters to find RVs to rent for their next trip.

The solution

We were tasked with rebuilding the marketplace platform from the ground up, incorporating critical features such as booking, payment, advanced listing, and a sophisticated admin portal. To achieve this, we utilized .NET Core, React, and a micro-service architecture. Our booking system automated the payment collection process at different stages of the booking and managed the payout process to the owners. All transactions were processed via Stripe. Additionally, we implemented multi-parameter searching and ranking based on user criteria using AWS Elastic Search. We also handled large numbers of transactions at once using RabbitMQ and auto-scale, and built a PowerBI dashboard for reports.

To ensure user data and transactions were protected, we implemented security measures such as HTTPS protocol, user authentication and authorization, data encryption, and other safety protocols. We also implemented a mechanism to verify user identity and prevent fraudulent activities. Furthermore, we regularly monitored the system and took preventive steps to ensure optimal performance. Finally, we provided post-implementation support for any issues that arose with the system. The technologies used for this project included .NET Core, MySQL, React, AWS Elastic Search, AWS Load Balancer, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS Gateway, Stripe, PowerBI, and QuickBooks.

Our technologies
The result

In 2 years, the platform's annual booking revenue had grown from $100,000 to $13 million.

Client review

"Futurify is a phenomenal partner and very responsive to our needs. It’s been a highly rewarding journey—growing together, scaling, and figuring out how to provide the best RV sharing platform."

Wiliam Thompson