Our Tech-Based Early Childhood Education Project with Aide et Action

In our recent collaboration with Aide et Action (AEA), we embarked on a project at the intersection of education and technology, specifically targeting Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). The completion of this project signifies a significant stride in our commitment to transforming education. Concentrating on the pivotal early years from preschool to primary school, our goal was to provide AEA with a technological solution that enhances Early Childhood Care and Education. The primary objective was to equip educators, parents, and administrators with tools to establish a comprehensive educational environment for young learners.

The solution

The challenge was multifaceted: create a system to assess and support children's readiness for school, integrate seamlessly with existing educational frameworks, and be user-friendly for various stakeholders. Our tech-driven solution offers a comprehensive platform with customizable assessment forms, detailed reporting, community engagement, tailored recommendations, and offline accessibility. Advanced technologies like Progressive Web Apps (PWA) ensure security and scalability. Collaboration with experts and ongoing client engagement were pivotal. Despite challenges, the project successfully delivered a tailored solution for Aide et Action (AEA).

Our technologies
The result

The project, implemented in stages starting in Lai Chau province and expanding nationwide, significantly improved teacher and parental engagement, facilitated data-driven decision-making for educational authorities, and fostered a community among educators and parents. Ongoing support and upgrades are planned, and the success of the project has paved the way for future collaborations and innovations in educational technology.